I would like to introduce myself to you, so you would know who you are going to travel with in Israel.
My name is Yiftach, I’m 63 years old, a father of four children and grandfather of six charming grandchildren.
I have B.A. in International Relations. I was a farmer for 25-years, and decided to make a change in my life and became a tourist guide.
I become a licensed tour guide after 6 month intensive training as a tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism
Like most Israelis, I served in the army, ended my service as a lieutenant colonel.
Today I combine my love to Israel and my work.
I specialize in: history, archeology, nature, biblical and agriculture tours of Israel.

What should you expect from your visit to Israel?

Shopping and everyday life.
Almost everywhere in Israel, you will be able to pay with credit card.
The local currency is the Shekel. In most of the cites you will have to use the Shekel, but in some of the tourist cites (like Jerusalem) you will be able to pay with dollars.

Shopping in Israel:

There are plenty of malls in Israel include fashion malls. You could find here most of the Chans that you know.
You also find open air markets like: Machane Yehuda, Shock Hcarmel, Arab Bazzar and Nchlat Binyamin.
If you like art, you have The Art Gallery Quarter at Zafet and Jaffa.
Israel, like the United States has, a number of fast food chains and coffee shops, serving light meals at reasonable prices.
It also has Israeli street food, like Falafel, Homos and Shawarma.
You can also find a big verity of Chef – restaurants serving very good food.

What should you see in Israel?

Israel, as you know, is a small country. (About the size of New Jersey).
However we must not forget that this is a country with thousands of years of human history.
Israel is the only country in the world that is sacred to the 3 monotheistic religions.
Geographically, Israel is a bridge land between three continents, which is why you’ll find a wide variety of views, climate area, all within a sort distance.
For example, at the same day you can go skiing on Mount Hermon in the morning and in the evening you can dive with the fish in the Red Sea.
Do not expect to see everything that Israel has to offer in one visit, even if it lasts for two weeks.
Every tourist have to define himself what are his preferences, his hobbies and interests and accordingly plan your trip in Israel.

Security: I know that this issue worries many tourists. Contrary to what most people think, Israel is a safe country for tourists. You can move around freely anywhere in the country, day and night, and the sense of security is very good.
The reason is simple: Since Israel is dealing for years with the problems of security, the accumulated experience has taught us to do it very well.

What is unique in my trips?

I can offer you a combination of a regular tour & off –road tour at the same time. So you get to see some of the hidden places in Israel.
My specialty is “of the beaten track” tours and tailor – made tours.
Since I live in a village for all my life and a big part of my life I was a farmer, I specialize in agricultural tours that include picking grapes, peaches and pomegranates according to the season.
As a father of 4 children as well as grandfather of 6 grandchildren, I love children of all ages! I’m specialized in organizing trips suitable for families with attractions to suit all ages ranging from infants to teenagers.
Also I have suitable car seats for children and carriers for hiking.
Hope to see you soon in Israel,